Hi I'm Cameron Staveley. I have been snowboarding for 7 years. This year I am moving to Breckendridge for 4 months. I will tell you what happens every week I'm here for. Hope you enjoy my blog

Wednesday, March 23, 2011

rev tour

This week we went up to mt snow to train for the rev tour. we got up to the mountain and did a lap really early to get in the pipe before if got to sloppy. the pipe was really good but it was only a 18foot half pipe so I wasn't used to it. i did a another lap then I tyred to put down my first run which was front 540 back 540 front 720 cab 180 air back 720 i got that really easy so I kept trying to get it higher. after about 4 runs I tyred to do a crippler for the first time I landed it but it was in the flat bottom so I work on that until lunch. the next day was pipe. I didn't go to well in pipe I fell on both of my runs. after the pipe i went over to the slope style course and trained there for the rest of the day. on Sunday it was raining badly for slope so there wasn't much speed on the course so I had to change my run instead of back flip front 3 back 3 I just did a back 3. i fell on  my second run but I still qualified tenth soon will be the nationals I will let you no how they go.

us open 2011

This year we went to the us open for me and my brother Luke. I had to compete the day we arrived at Stratton. We had a few hours practice but I still wasn't used to the pipe.The pipe was really icy and hard to ride on. on my first run I did a really easy run which got me into 16th place in my heat. I was the second last person to drop for my heat so the pipe had started to become soft. I dropped in for my second run and nearly slid out so I couldn't get high enough out of the pipe to place any better. I came 16th in men's open in my heat. now I am off to mt snow for the rev tour let you know how I go.

Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Jump at Copper

This week we went to Copper Mountain to train. On the Saturday everyone wanted to make a back country jump. We went and looked at some of the jump spots Jim knows. We couldn’t find a  good spot. So we went to the enchanted forest and looked for a good spot. We eventually found a good place that everyone was happy with. We all hiked up to the spot and started piling up lots of snow. We had to make a big berm so we could turn around a tree to get to the jump. After about 3 hours the jump was ready, it was about the same height as Jim, which it is pretty tall. We didn’t hit it on Saturday so it could harden up overnight. On Sunday we all brought our shovels and we went straight up to the jump. We shaped the jump and then we hit it. I was the first to hit the jump because I worked the hardest. I did a backflip on the first hit but I didn’t land it. After a few more hits I did a tree tap, front three and got snow in my goggles. When the jump was all tracked out we went for lunch. We didn’t do much after lunch we just rode the park and did some pipe because there is a pipe contest next week I will let you know how I go.

Steamboat competition

This week we went to Steamboat to compete in Slope style for the Rocky Mountain Series. We woke up early and waited for the taxi to come. He eventually came we put our bags in the car and we started driving to Steamboat. We got to steamboat at about 8:45am then we had to get our tickets so we walked to the ticket office and we saw Chase and his dad. Luke and I got our tickets and then talked to Chase.  A little bit later Cody, Blake and Jake came they got their tickets and then we went to look at the course. We did a few runs though and then we went to get lunch. After lunch we went back and Jake and I started to spin. I got my runs for Sunday, then we went back to our hotel. The next day the skiers where on the course so we just lapped the little park. On Sunday it was really bad weather and there was 6 inches of new snow on the course.  We all had to slip the jumps. We didn’t get to do many practise runs because the park crew had to fix the jumps.  My first run I fell over but I kept going and on my second run I landed everything clean. I ended up coming 3rd. We couldn’t get to the awards because we had to go back home to Frisco.  It was fun going to another resort to do a comp, now back to training.

Monday, January 17, 2011

hey guys

Hey guys this week i have just been training with Tommie Bennett in Breckenridge.Yestetrday we made a log rail it was pretty fun. We hiked it about 8 times. By the end of the day it was nearly broken so we pulled it down and took a few laps in the park. The park wasn't that great so we hiked the barrel stall for the rest of the day.I got some pretty sick tricks on it then we went home

Thursday, December 23, 2010


This week we have been training at Breckenridge. It has been really busy as everyone is on holidays now for Christmas, so we have been hiking the jumps in Park Lane. I have improved a lot since we finished the season in Australia. I have got cab 5, back7 and front 5 off the  jumps.I have also competed in the Rocky Mountain series Halfpipe competition at Copper Mountain. I placed 1st in my division. On the day of the pipe comp it was really bad weather.  The pipe was slow so we all could not get out of the pipe as high as we normally would. I have had a great first couple of weeks riding. Happy Christmas.

Monday, December 13, 2010


This year i am training in breck for 4 months i will keep you up to date with my trip. I will  write about my trip every week for the 4 months